“ANIMUS ANIMA AMSTERDAM” EXHIBITION  2008

Animus Anima, a photo exhibition by Paula Kajzar and Antonio Pellicano from Calabria at Arps & Co in the Dikker & Thijs Gallery, Prinsengracht 438 (corner of Leidsestraat).

Vernissage with dance performance on Thursday 3 July (open until July 28) 2008 at 6 am presentation by Silvio Marchetti, director of the Italian Cultural Institute.

Project synapsis:

“On the stage of our life an invisible drama takes place that binds us together, a drama of endless plots created by our states of mind. This invisible spectacle concerns everyone, a drama with an infinite number of scenes that arise from the soul. The people we know move on that inner stage. But except for these actors who come from the outside world, everyone houses a universe called Animus Anima. Two elements that are constantly in motion responsible for the differences in our psyche that define our membership to the two sexes. They ensure that our psyche continuously separates and attaches itself, desires and finds, take apart and merges again. Two photographers, together a married couple, show us their animus anima in abstract images, made on the stage of the dance theater where they working as stage photographers. The ideal environment to convert the metaphor into visual language.”

2008-2013 Presented by Ella Arps Gallery in  different locations (Italian Culture Institut in Amsterdam 2009, Affordabile Art Fair Amsterdam 2013, Window Arps&Co Gallery )

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